About Us

What makes XMX Power different from other solar energy companies?

Technical Skills

The managing partners, Jim and Joe Psaila, are brothers with over 32 years of combined experience in general construction and electrical power systems. Much of their experience comes from high-end challenging projects where extreme craftsmanship is essential. This experience enables us to provide solutions to challenging situations and provide you a very high-quality product at the best value. We utilize sophisticated tools to identify innovative installation options to maximize the potential of your investment. For instance we can provide a computerized 3D modeling of your home or business to help you evaluate different options and the aesthetic implications of an installation. Click here for a demonstration.

Financial Skills

We have a thorough understanding of the latest government incentive programs and the financial benefits of owning a solar power system. This skill enables us to help you make a sound and educated decision. We can provide you a thorough financial assessment of your solar options. For an example of our solar financial report and proposal please click here.

We are a Kauai company, focused on Kauai

We are long-time residents with a reputation to uphold in the community. Our focus ensures that we are attentive to the specific needs of Kauai residents. If there is ever any need to repair a system component we are able to respond immediately.

Licensed and Insured

We have both Electrical and General contractors license (license no. BC 30277). We personally design and install every project. This enables us to keep tight quality control over our projects ensuring customer satisfaction.

Personal Attention

We walk you through every step of the process.

Jim Psaila of XMX Power - Kauai's Solar Solution

Jim Psaila


We are committed to making a difference on Kauai by helping our community benefit from solar energy. To that end our first priority is to help you fully understand the benefits of going solar.

  • KIUC Rate Increases

  • Rules Of Thumb

    Rule Of ThumbSpend $6k on solar for your home and save $100 per month on your energy bill.

    tax incentivesSpend $6k on solar for your business and save $300 per month on your energy bill!

    tax incentivesHomeowners get 17-22% return on their investment!

    tax incentivesBusiness owners get over 50% return on their investment!

    tax incentivesSavings pay back your investment in less than 5 years. After that your solar energy is FREE!

What about government incentives?

tax incentives The Federal and State Solar Investment Tax Credits just got WAY better. Now if you own a home you pay as little as 45% of the cost of your system. If you own a business you pay even less, as little as 15% of the cost of a solar system. For more details see our detailed explanation of government incentives.

Is solar good for the environment?

tax incentivesOn Kauai 92% of our electricity is generated from fossil fuel (diesel). The average household switching to PV power saves burning over 9 barrels of oil per year. This saves over 4 metric tons of green house gas put into the atmosphere each year! Check out  real time web monitoring.