The Time Has Come...

Be Empowered By Going Solar!

Government subsidies have provided a fantastic incentive to go solar! We also have the highest electricity rates in the nation.

The decision to investment in solar is a NO-BRAINER.

It is no longer a question of can you afford it, but rather can you afford not to?!

Do you need help going solar?

Give us a call now and we will come to your home or business and provide you a personalized evaluation of your solar options.

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What about government incentives?

tax incentives The Federal and State Solar Investment Tax Credits just got WAY better. Now if you own a home you pay as little as 45% of the cost of your system. If you own a business you pay even less, as little as 15% of the cost of a solar system. For more details see our detailed explanation of government incentives.

Is solar good for the environment?

tax incentivesOn Kauai 92% of our electricity is generated from fossil fuel (diesel). The average household switching to PV power saves burning over 9 barrels of oil per year. This saves over 4 metric tons of green house gas put into the atmosphere each year! Check out  real time web monitoring.