The Time Has Come...

Be Empowered By Going Solar!

Government economic stimulus and renewable energy initiatives have inspired fantastic incentives to go solar! We also have the highest electricity rates in the nation and they are moving higher at an unprecedented rate due to the unrest in the Middle East. The decision to investment in solar a NO-BRAINER.

It is no longer a question of can you afford it, but rather can you afford not to?!

Do you need help going solar?

Give us a call now and we will come to your home or business and provide you a personalized evaluation of your solar options.

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What about government incentives?

tax incentives The Federal and State Solar Investment Tax Credits just got WAY better. Now if you own a home you pay as little as 45% of the cost of your system. If you own a business you pay even less, as little as 15% of the cost of a solar system. For more details see our detailed explanation of government incentives.

Is solar good for the environment?

tax incentivesOn Kauai 92% of our electricity is generated from fossil fuel (diesel). The average household switching to PV power saves burning over 9 barrels of oil per year. This saves over 4 metric tons of green house gas put into the atmosphere each year! Check out  real time web monitoring.